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What dance level am I?

Our Adult Programming level progression is as follows:

Basics 1 (Series) | Basics 2 (Series) | Beginning (Drop-In or special courses) | Adv. Beg. (Drop-In or special courses) | Intermediate (Drop-In or special courses) | Advanced (Drop-In or special courses)

Level recommendations are generalizations and even lower-level class can be challenging if you’re returning to dance after some time away — your body and muscle-memory need time to acclimate! We recommend erring on the side of a lower level to enable you to ease into class and adapt to the insgtructor’s specific style.


That said, do not worry if you don’t pick the right level the first time around. Our instructors are accustomed to working with a broad range of dancers, even within a single level. We suggest speaking to your instructor to get feedback or talking with a studio staff member afterward. We are happy to work with you to find the right fit. Below is more information on each level:


Adult Series Classes :


Basics 1: if you have never before taken a class in the specific style, we suggest signing up for an Series Class at the Basics Level. These classes run for multiple weeks and provide cumulative training — and they’re a great way to start dancing!

Basics 2: if you completed a Basics 1 class, this is your next stop! You also can take Basics 2 if you have no experience in the specific style, but have solid experience in dance overall.


Drop-In or special courses:

All Levels: these are fun, physically-challenging classes that do NOT require prior training or the ability to pick up choreography. If you are looking to ease into the drop-in class experience, these are a great choice.

Beginner: most students will have completed a Basics class or two in the style OR have prior dance training. If you are returning to dance after some time away, this is a great option for you. (Most students will not be first-time dancers.)

Advanced Beginner: this is our most popular Drop-In or special courses level and appeals to a broad range of students. Most students will have 1+ year of recent training.

Intermediate & Advanced: these are rigorous classes, ideal for students with 3+ and 4+ years of recent training respectively. Advanced students are often pre-professional or professional dancers.


We recommend students attend class with their hair pulled back and dressed in comfortable, form-fitting attire that does not restrict movements. For example, leotards, leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, athletic shorts, and well-fitted T-shirts all are great things to wear to class. Students should wear dance latin heels, appropriate to the latin dance style; shoes should be designated for dance class and never worn outside.


In Series classes can make up a missed class in the same style, level, and type of class within the current session in which the student is enrolled.

Special courses, workshops, bootcamps or online classes can not make up classes because those have a experiation date.


We recommend private lessons as a supplement to (rather than a replacement for) series and drop-in classes. Private lessons tend to be most beneficial if you have some previous experience in dance and are looking to improve particular skills, enhance technique, or rehearse a piece for an audition or event.

You can sign up for a private class by our website too.

Looking for more information? Email


All students must sign in, check in at the front desk before entering class.

Students arriving more than 10 minutes after class has started will not be admitted in the class.

If you sign up for a series classes , please give us a call prior to the start of class if you are unable to attend. We don’t provide refunds for no-shows or cancellations once class has started.

If you sign up for a Drop-In or special courses, we don’t provide refunds and you are unable to attend. We don’t provide refunds for no-shows or cancellations


Classe’ Dance Co. and its instructors are not liable for injuries sustained on the premises.

Classe’ Dance Co. is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Studio classes are subject to cancellation or change of time, location, teacher or substitution based on management discretion.

Filming and/or photography of any sort are not permitted at any time, unless the director Linda Saenz, allow it.

Emergency closings are posted on our social media or will be communicated by our groups in whatsapp.


Payment for classes must be made prior to entering your dance class.

Class purchases are valid through the expiration date.

All sales are final and are not refundable or transferable.

There is a $35.00 fee for returned checks.

Sensual Bachata

Basic II: Mondays & Fridays 7 pm – 8 pm
Intermediate: Mondays & Fridays 8 pm – 9 pm

The sensual bachata is a dance between two people, it needs a strict adherence, main principles and special technique. This dance is an interpretation of music with mainly circular movements and body waves.

Modern Bachata

Basic II: Mondays & Fridays 7 pm – 8 pm
Intermediate: Mondays & Fridays 8 pm – 9 pm

This style of bachata incorporates other dance styles, combine traditional and sensual. It must contain more choreographic steps adapted to the social dancing

Traditional Bachata

Basic II: Mondays & Fridays 7 pm – 8 pm
Intermediate: Mondays & Fridays 8 pm – 9 pm

Concept: This dance is a fusion of styles, adding body movement found in Zouk and some Tango movements to a traditional bachata step. Linda and Aldo place special focus on respecting the follower’s body and personal space, while still stressing a strong foundation in leading and techniques to properly move the follower. It is a modern style of bachata, where it gives Linda and Aldo the opportunity to bring the different backgrounds in dance that they’ve learned and fuse it to make something much more interesting.